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  • The meaning of 4 cardinal directions in Chinese  Medicine
  • Treating Chong Mai

Part I
Great Movements and Heavenly Stems

Starts: 19 Sept 2022 (Amsterdam time) Registration closed

You will learn and get insight in Joan’s years of experience, the way he practices, how he uses constitutional acupuncture on a daily basis in clinical practice.
This online meetings will allow you to learn more about the principles of Stem and Branches acupuncture, how we use it and how it affects the psycho-physical health of patients. 

  • Paediatric Acupuncture: Childhood Development, Related Pathologies, Diagnostics & Treatment – Recorded Seminar
  • Introductory Diagnostics: Facial Diagnosis + Wei-Ying-Jing Pulse Diagnosis- Recorded Workshop
  • Online Seminars | QIOLOGY


Applying Stems and Branches Acupuncture in Clinical Practice

Dynamic Dualities in Classical Chinese Medicine

Author: Joan Duveen

Available at your local bookshop: ISBN978-1-78775-370-9